Ballroom Dancing

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Ballroom Dancing is an enjoyable, social pastime.  It’s also great exercise to strengthen muscles and raise your pulse.  Remembering steps and patterns can keep your brain active.  Improvements in posture and weight transfer can help with falls prevention.

It can be developed into an art form with great skill, or remain simply a great way for couples to enjoy social time together.

Whatever your goal, I can offer professional tuition for groups, couples and individuals, as well as bespoke choreography for Wedding Day dances.

Perhaps a class or group seems a little daunting or doesn’t suit your learning style?  Many people find private lessons are the answer, whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve your skills.

Private lessons by appointment  – please call or text 07760428554, or email



“………most couples have no experience of ballroom dancing.  We have very varied abilities and learn at very different rates.  Throughout our times with her, Shirley always treats us with respect and consideration when our feet don’t move where they’re supposed to!”

C Palmer