Therapy Groups

In these groups, movement provides a cognitive component in addition to the physical element. Underpinned by principles and best practice from dance and other creative arts, the groups integrate a variety of therapeutic modalities including body-oriented, sensorimotor and transpersonal psychotherapies, along with embedded relational mindfulness.

If patterns of moving or feeling are repeated over time and become habitual, a person can become stuck and unwell.  Participating in a DMP group can help people to be more self-aware, express themselves and communicate with others. Playfulness can bring back the impulse for creativity, reawakening the impulse to open up to others.  Exchanging movement, rhythm, imagination and thoughts with others can help to shift energies, patterns and ideas, freeing participants from the loop of recurrent thought which can result in loneliness or depression.  The combination of physical activity, social interaction and mental stimulation can bring improvements in everyday activities and outlook on life.