Participants Privacy Notice

As a participant who attends the classes that I teach, I am committed to protecting your privacy.

I collect, store and use the personal data that you provide me in order that I can effectively manage my classes and ensure that as a participant you are kept informed and safe. I may use your data to contact you with class updates. I will use your data to keep me informed about any health or wider needs you have that I need to consider whilst delivering your class/es. If you have provided me with emergency contact details I will use this data when required. Some of the data that I collect from you is ‘specialist category’. This includes (not exhaustively) any data relating to disabilities and health. I collect and use this data to enable me to tailor activities to your needs.

Unless you have given me separate written consent, I will cease to contact you 6 months after your participation has lapsed. At this point I will also delete/destroy all personal data that is not linked to financial records. I will store any personal data linked to financial records for a 6-year period. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have the right to inspect financial information relating to the previous 6 years and require all trading entities to keep financial records for this length of time.

 I will not share your personal data. All data you provide to me is stored on a password protected device and/or locked away. The only exception to this rule is when I carry paper copies of your personal data to the class/es that you attend. I must do this so that I have your health needs and emergency contact details to hand should they be required .

 You may request details of personal data which I hold about you. You can contact me on 07760428554 or . If you have any concerns about my information rights practices you can raise them here or by calling 03031231113.


Shirley Brocklehurst

15th May 2015