Therapy Group – Circle Dance

In June we will be starting a new therapy group for those with Dementia and their carers or relatives.

People living with dementia often retain domains such as musicality, ability to dance, to sing, to reminisce and communicate non-verbally. Rhythm, music, touch and movement enable people them to connect with and relate to others, and the release of feelings can help communication.

Circle dance is common to many cultures, strengthening community and encouraging togetherness and well-being. It is an accessible form of dance and the emphasis is on participation.  In this group,  carers and people with dementia can come together and enjoy the music, movement and social activity that may no longer be available to them otherwise.  The steps are adapted for people with poor mobility and balance and it may be delivered seated. The emphasis is on moving together with the music, experiencing the body as a source of creativity.

Please call or text 07760428554 for details, or email