About the Practice

0047-1a copyWellKin is the professional practice of Shirley Brocklehurst, a dance professional with training in a diversity of disciplines. She has over 30 years experience teaching social dance and creative movement, and has a humanistic approach through which she seeks to make dance inclusive and accessible to all  and  encourages people to find their own individual movement.

Shirley is a Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist. Acknowledging both intuitive and rational knowledge, the mind/body connection is fundamental to her work, which encompasses the psychological and spiritual dimension as well as the physical. She combines dance and movement with a person-centred psychotherapeutic model which works at all these levels and brings them into synchrony. The humanistic approach also informs her teaching technique and reflective work.

In clinical practice Shirley specialises in Mental Health. Her experience includes Bereavement, Depression, Addiction Recovery, Dementia, ASD and Schizophrenia. She has worked with Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust and Mersey Care NHS Trust as well as the Centre for Psychiatry, Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine at Queen Mary University, London.

Shirley is also an accredited fitness instructor, qualified at Level 3 on the REPs register and affiliated to the Keep Fit Association.  She has a special interest in exercise for older adults and the prevention of falls.