Dance Movement Therapy

Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP), to give it its proper title, is a creative arts therapy which enables participants to express themselves creatively,  working through their difficulties and developing their strengths. It is used within healthcare as an assessment and treatment option for those who might have difficult accessing other forms of psychotherapy.

In group or individual therapy, participants explore their personal stories using movement and dance. In a safe, therapeutic environment, they are supported in exploring the meaning of their movement, creatively identifying ways of adapting and living in the world.

Initially the focus is on developing a trusting relationship, but over time movement is explored as a way of linking body awareness with emotional awareness, attending to both non-verbal and verbal communication to foster healing, insight, learning and personal growth.

Despite the ‘D’ word in the title, dance skills are not required to access Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP). The route into the profession for the Dance Movement Psychotherapist is through dance and this underpins and informs our knowledge of the moving body, but for the client the focus is on the creative therapeutic process.