Body Moves

Body Moves is a dance movement class which will leave you feeling revitalised and refreshed. Over time you will feel the benefits of increased mobility, suppleness and flexibility with improvements in posture and wellbeing.

The class incorporates a range of dance styles and techniques, including creative movement and choreography which develops over the course.  The pace may appear slower than a fitness class, but the depth and focus will help to strengthen your body, improve your awareness and lift your spirits.

Classes are  non-competitive and participants are treated as individuals. Routines are challenging yet achievable with stimulating choreography and inspiring music. The friendly support and the atmosphere in class are keys to ongoing commitment.

You will be encouraged to move correctly and safely, listening to your body and working at your own pace, whilst improving rhythm, balance and co-ordination week on week.

We meet on Wednesday mornings in Wychwood Village Hall and Friday afternoons at the Castle Community Centre, Northwich.

Booking is essential, classes are not offered on a drop in basis. For term dates please see the Calendar and call 07760428554 or email to book.

photographs courtesy of Age UK Cheshire